World Wide Web Info

Guide to Cyberspace 6.1: Contents
FTP faq and Monster list of FTP Sites
Hitchhiker's Web Guide

Internet Relay Chat stuff

Alt-F4 IRC Servers Page
Gregg Senechal's Chatting Page
Homepage of the IRC Chat client mIRC - Index
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Frequently Asked Questions
Internet Relay Chat - Undernet Servers!
IRC #U4ia home page
The most complete IRC help download site

Internet software sources

Netscape Navigator
Software Download | Overview of Products
Adobe Acrobat Free Reader
Envoy Viewer from Tumbleweed
A viewer for Envoy format files. A browser plug-in is also available.
Email: Eudora (free software and documentation)
Hank Zimmerman's [Unofficial] Eudora Page
Finger / Whois
Free Agent Newsreader
html Assistant Pro html editor
Internet Explorer Home Page
Netscape Handbook: Index
Tumbleweed Envoy Plugin (Windows 3.1)
Web-Counter Home Page
Welcome to Netscape
WS_FTP - Junod Software Home Page

Web Maintenance

Web Promote Metatag builder
create metatag
submit metatag files
Configuring your Navigator
This page allows you to ensure your Web navigator is correctly configured to handle the various formats of text and multimedia objects you will certainly have to deal with while surfing the Internet.
Check to see if your web sites have been indexed.
Microsoft Site Builder Network
Submit It! - submit pages to search engines
Technical Note: Adding the MIME type
The URL-minder: Your Own Personal Web Robot!
Webmaster Tool Chest: SubmitAll
WWW Viewer Test Page
Netscape DevEdge Online
The Internet Link Exchange: Home
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